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 Student Advocacy : organizations
 Visit the home page for Intel's Computer Clubhouse to find out about clubhouse locations, events, projects, and more.
Last Updated on 6/8/2005
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 Technology & Learning : career futures
 Explore this site to learn about careers in information technology, engineering and industrial technology, health and medicine, arts and design, and biotechnology and chemistry.
Last Updated on 6/13/2005
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 Technology & Learning : current research
 This study examined media use among a nationally representative sample of more than 2,000 3rd through 12th graders. The report from the Kaiser Family Foundation found children and teens are spending an increasing amount of time using "new media" like computers, the Internet and video games, without cutting back on the time they spend with "old" media like TV, print and music.
Last Updated on 3/21/2005
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 Equipment @ Your School : networks & WiFi
 District 7 of Illinois is bringing computer access to each and every student through updated technology. (Edwardsville Intelligencer online)
Last Updated on 2/2/2005
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 Student Issues : girls & technology
 This online networking forum for women allows members to communicate, network for career opportunities and more. Free resources include articles on tech advice, career advice, and other articles that will be useful for young women interested in careers in technology.
Last Updated on 6/6/2005
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