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Please Register Our School for the 2006 Speak Up Event

Project Tomorrow, a national education non-profit organization invites students, teachers, and parents to take part in the NetDay Speak Up online survey.  Our school and district will have access to our aggregated school data. This is an opportunity for students to share their opinions and ideas about technology use. For teachers and parents, this is an opportunity to join the national dialog about technology and 21st century skills. 

* The Speak Up dates are November 1 – November 30, 2006.

* An adult representative from each participating school or district must register their schools for the event. (In order to ensure confidentiality, participants log onto the survey site using a single school password.)

* The NetDay Speak Up website ( offers a How-to Guide for participants including lesson plans, helpful suggestions, and other resources for making the survey experience a success.

* Please register our school today at
The goal of NetDay Speak Up is both to gather national data and to encourage participants to use their data to inform local decision-making.

Past participants have used their data to inform technology decisions and purchases, to learn how to best provide instruction to today's tech-savvy students, to plan for teacher training, and to stimulate discussion about key technology issues in their communities. Speak Up data also contributed to the U.S. Department of Education's “National Education Technology Plan and the “Visions 2020.2 Student Voices” joint report with the U.S. Department of Commerce. (See all Speak Up reports at

This year's survey will follow up on many of the issues addressed in the 2003-05 student and teacher surveys. In addition, new questions cover hot topics in education such as science and math engagement, professional development, national competitiveness, parent involvement, and 21st century workforce skills.

Since 2003 the Speak Up surveys have reached over 588,000 students and teachers from all 50 states resulting in positive impact at local and national levels. Please register our school today and help encourage participation.



Project Tomorrow is a national education non-profit organization.
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