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Mississippi Delta, Mississippi
NetDay Difference

NetDay Project Director Audrey Pearson grew up in Rosedale, Mississippi. She graduated from West Bolivar High School and became a school teacher at West Bolivar Elementary School. Since 1999, she has helped NetDay deliver support and sustainability to the district through her leadership and program development.

Technology Infrastructure
NetDay helped the school district establish a high speed network with Internet connections in every classroom and assisted in a comprehensive planning process to rewrite the five-year technology plan. Partnerships with The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning and PowerUp have increased access for students to computers in the classroom and on campus with a 3:1 student to computer ratio.

Staff Development
In order to improve educational outcomes using technology, NetDay created TESS, a peer coaching model for teachers linking technology integration strategies to grade or subject specific curriculum standards. In 2001, NetDay trained 100 teachers in basic computing skills and 50 teachers received instructional and assessment technology use training. By the end of the year, 90% of teachers used email and the Internet as part of their professional responsibilities each week and almost 50% used them daily. Over 90% of teachers visit education-related web sites at least once a week and 50% use the Internet to find better lesson plans.

A one-year evaluation of teachers in the TESS program during 2002-03 found that teacher technology skill proficiency increased an average of 28% and teacher’s self-assessment of their ability to improve teaching practices using technology increased an average of 39%. Based on the success of the NetDay TESS program in West Bolivar, NetDay plans to expand the initiative to other sites in the Mississippi Delta Region.

Student Learning Outcomes
To showcase student achievements, NetDay organized the first NetDay TechDay, a district-wide student technology fair, on May 15, 2003. Students and classes competed for honors and recognition as they demonstrated their new skills. The middle and high school division had 32 project entries from 72 students working in teams. At the elementary level, 23 classes submitted technology projects to support reading and literacy.
According to Pearson: “This was an incredible experience for the students in Rosedale. I am impressed with how students at all levels, from kindergarten through high school, developed and completed these projects.”