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NetDay's Student Voices Resource Center
The Student Voices Resource Center supports and encourages students to share their views and opinions about technology in education. NetDay aims to support students and their unique ideas about how technology can make a difference in their education by offering them support and encouragement for voicing their ideas. This website includes How-to Guides, Success Stories, online Focus Chats, and a collection of Resources related to student voice.
2005 Speak Up Day for Students & Teachers National Report
In the fall of 2005, 185,000 K-12 students and 15,000 teachers shared their views and ideas about technology, science, and innovation. This was the first ever combined survey of both students and teachers and the results illustrate a nation of innovative students—trend-setters in technology use—and how they see their education.
2004 Speak Up Day for Teachers National Report
11,132 teachers participated in Speak Up Day for Teachers from April 14 to May 12, 2004. They shared their views on effective personal and professional use of technology for learning.

2003 Speak Up Day for Students National Report
What do 210,000 students from 3,000 schools in all 50 states have to say about technology and education? Read all about it in Voices and Views from Today's Tech-Savvy Students: NetDay National Report on Speak Up Day for Students 2003.

Visions 2020.2: Student Views on Transforming Education and Training Through Advanced Technologies
This report, developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Commerce, features the student responses to the 2004 survey open-ended question In the future, you will be the inventors of new technologies.What would you like to see invented that you think will help kids learn in the future? Over 55,000 K-12 students from all 50 states provided responses to this survey question. The Commerce Department reviewed these authentic and unfiltered responses and identified common themes and interests amongst American youth.
Student Views on Technology for Learning: Students Speak Up to the President
As a companion report to Visions 2020.2 report published by the Departments of Commerce and Education, NetDay's "Student Views on Technology for Learning: Students Speak Up to the President" report shares  the results of student responses to the open-ended question What is the one thing you would like to tell the next president about how you use technology for learning? The report also includes the national highlights of the 2004 Speak Up Day for Students survey.
NetDay is a free, easy-to-use index to thousands of educational technology resources. Designed for educators, parents, and community leaders, NetDayCompass links are organized into five key areas: funding, classroom support, technology planning, infrastructure, and real stories-best practices.

Cyber Security Kit
The "NetDay Cyber Security Kit for Schools" features tools and resources to raise awareness among K-12 educators, students and families about online safety and computer security.

Feature Articles
Interviews and news of leading educators and top organizations

The Internet, Technology and Teachers, NetDay Survey 2001
NetDay surveyed teachers to determine how they use the Internet and technology as well as their comfort with these tools. The results show that attitudes have changed dramatically, but they have not fully realized the potential of technology to enhance student learning.

Leadership Summit
The National Leadership Summit for Education and Technology held by NetDay brought together educational leaders to develop, nurture and promote effective models of leadership for education technology in K-12 schools.

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