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Visit ...Your Guide to Thousands of Ed Tech Resources is a free, easy-to-use index to thousands of educational technology resources. Designed for educators, parents, and community leaders, NetDayCompass links are organized into five key areas: funding, classroom support, technology planning, infrastructure, and real stories-best practices.
Real Research by Real People
The NetDayCompass research experts review sites recommended by K-12 schools, government agencies, media, universities, non-profit organizations, industry, and trade associations. They also provide direct assistance when educators submit questions to the Research Desk. For example:
Current Question:
What are the "best" technology infused schools in the United States? Can I visit any of these schools electronically?
-- Janet D.

The Research Desk Team can suggest some sites where you can get different opinions as to the best technology-infused schools. Generally, schools have a few teachers who shine rather than an entire school. In some cases, the publicity might suggest success when in fact, a student's experience might be quite different. In other words, your best bet is to talk to students and parents at various schools to determine their level of success in integrating technology...
Trusted Source
Simple codes clearly identify the type of organization responsible for the content of each link listed on These codes help educators screen and evaluate online content for authenticity, applicability, authorship, bias, and usability. Visitors are encouraged to rate resources and suggest new sites through interactive features.
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