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October 29, 2001

NetDay AmeriCorps Members Join 250 Community Activists to Beautify, Clean and Improve San Francisco Communities

San Francisco, CA -- Working alongside 250 community activists, NetDay AmeriCorps members spent Make a Difference Day cleaning classrooms and building earthquake-resistant shelving in elementary schools as well as planting trees, scrubs and flowers in community parks. During this daylong community service event, NetDay AmeriCorps members pledged to "get things done for America, to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier."

"As I worked I listened to the conversations swirling around me. Most were murmurs about the threads of common purpose and pleasure of giving time to national service. Service days like 'Make a Difference' Day are the spice that makes the recipe of national service so piquant," Jim Montgomery, NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge Member-Oakland High School.

Members of the NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge program joined children, parents and other community activists at the Francis Scott Key Elementary School and Fairmount Elementary School. They planted trees around the schools, spread mulch on the gardens, painted and cleaned classrooms. At Fairmount Elementary, the AmeriCorps members embarked on a safety project by building earthquake-proof shelves. Another group of NetDay AmeriCorps members worked in the sand dunes of Golden Gate Park where they dug vinca vines out and restored Coon Hollow to its native 'pre-Columbian' beauty.

Following the community service activities, NetDay AmeriCorps members publicly committed to a year of service "to bring Americans together to strengthen our communities." Former California State Senator Art Torres lead the members in their pledge.

"At a time when so many forces are attempting to tear apart our country, spending a day working to improve our schools and parks is symbolic. Everyday, NetDay increases the access students have to technology. Today, our work in these communities supports the larger learning environment for these children," said Tamar Shaddeau, project coordinator for NetDay's Oakland AmeriCorps Bridge program.

Leading up to Make a Difference Day, NetDay's Oakland AmeriCorps members installed nearly 400 computers in the Oakland Unified School District. These computers will increase access for students and support integration efforts by teachers. "These additional computers mean I can now conduct professional development classes in a room where we are integrating technology into the core curriculum. Both teachers and students are excited by the increased access, but especially the children who are beginning to feel empowered. It's so great to see Oakland High finally come into the 21 Century and it wouldn't have happened as quickly or seamlessly without the NetDay AmeriCorps team," Barbara Citrano, Site Tech at Oakland High School.

The NetDay's AmeriCorps Bridge Program in Oakland began in June with a partial grant for the Corporation for National Service and is currently in place at six (6) schools - Castlemont High School, Dewey High School, Fremont High School, McClymonds High School, Oakland High School, and Skyline High School. The goal of this program is to provide schools in selected Empowerment Zone communities with facilitated access to technology resources.

The NetDay AmeriCorps program (, which is a strategic partnership between NetDay and the Corporation for National Service programs. Schools involved in this program work with NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge members who serve as program facilitators and teach constructive and educational technology-based programs both during school hours and through after school programs. NetDay ( is a national education technology nonprofit headquartered in Irvine, CA. NetDay's mission is to connect every child to a brighter future by helping educators meet educational goals through the effective use of technology.