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June 1, 2002

NetDay Announces Results from Assessment Project

Irvine, CA -- NetDay released today the outcomes from an Assessment Initiative that sought data about, the organization's free resource guide that provides centralized access to thousands of education technology resources as well as free research services.

This assessment initiative, which included a web-based survey and a two-month case study in Rosedale, Mississippi, provides NetDay with specific data about site visitors, how data on is accessed and utilized and how the organization can improve the site to better serve customer needs.

"We plan to use this assessment data to improve," said Julie Evans, CEO of NetDay. "For example, in the web survey, most of our customers indicated they use our category structure to find information on the site. Now that we understand how people are finding information, we can work to make the depth of the information more evident on the home page. "

The Case Study in Rosedale, Mississippi yields encouraging insights into how classroom teachers view, access and utilize online content. "Virtually all of the 47 teachers participating in the case study demonstrated universal use of email and the Internet," says Evans, "And most indicated they use to access productivity tools for the classroom." Based on this recognition, the NetDay team in Mississippi is working with the NetDayCompass Research Team to develop benchmarks and practical integration lessons that will help educators reach the goal of true technology integration in the classroom curriculum.

NetDay will continue to seek user input on ways to improve in 2002, and thanks all survey participants for their time and thoughtful opinions on how to improve the site.

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