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October 26, 2000

NetDay Introduces a New Web Site for Ed Tech Decision-Makers -- Your Guide to the World of Ed Tech Resources

Denver, CO -- Today, NetDay (, an education technology non-profit organization, unveiled the NetDayCompass (, the first web-based directory of education technology resources. The NetDayCompass is specifically designed to help technology decision-makers in K-12 schools maximize technology investments. This new web site is a centralized web-based directory of resources where educators can access high-quality ed tech resources to make informed decisions about technology planning, infrastructure, funding and classroom support.

"We understand that educators don-t have the time to sift through thousands of individual web sites, so we've made it easier for them by creating the NetDayCompass -- an online resource they can access from any web-enabled computer. Educators can go to the NetDayCompass when making decisions about technology for their schools - not only to meet their technical need, but also their educational needs," said NetDay CEO, Julie Evans. "Over the past year, NetDay has been working with schools to help them effectively use technology -- the NetDayCompass helps further these efforts."

With over 400 sites listed, users can search the web site or be guided by the five sections of the NetDayCompass: 1) technology planning, 2) infrastructure, 3) grants and funding, 4) classroom support and 5) best practices and real stories. Each section includes resources from industry, non-profit organizations, trade associations, government agencies, media and universities and from K-12 schools.

Each web site listed in the NetDayCompass is reviewed by the editorial team at NetDay to ensure that it contains high-quality useful information relevant to the education technology community. By holding each site to high standards, NetDay provides decision-makers with up-to-date, accurate information to help answer tough technology questions. All recommendations for the NetDayCompass are held to NetDay's editorial guidelines.

Visitors are encouraged to contribute other web sites to the NetDayCompass by recommending resources they have found to be useful. They are also asked to rate the value of resources found on, so NetDay can assess the relevancy of the information on the site. Educators visiting the site can sign up to receive the NetDayCompass Newsletter and get the latest education technology headlines.

NetDay's primary sponsor for the NetDayCompass is TechNet (, network of senior executives of the nation's leading technology companies. The weekly news is supplied by eSchoolNews (, an education trade publication. The NetDayCompass was designed by StoneGround Solutions (, with artistic direction provided by Pointline Interactive Studio (

NetDay ( is a national, education technology non-profit organization that continues to help schools build and enhance connections as well as to guide them on the effective and appropriate use of technology resources to enhance and support K-12 education. NetDay's vision is to help educators "think beyond" the technical connections of computers and the Internet to educational results.