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June 25, 2001

New Research Desk On NetDaycompass.Org Guides Educators On Technology

Chicago, IL -- Today, at the National Educational Computing Conference, NetDay is releasing a new feature on - the Research Desk. This easy-to-use "help desk" will further aid educators in their quests to integrate technology into classrooms by providing K-12 leaders with reliable guidance on how to utilize technology to meet educational goals. NetDay research experts answer individual questions and provide customized feedback from a variety of resources - government, industry, universities, media and other K-12 entities.

"We designed this tool based on what educators told us they needed," explained Julie Evans, CEO of NetDay. "By responding to their requests, we are helping them meet educational goals, provide students with a technology rich learning experience and expand educators' capacity to use technology in schools."

Educators are already submitting questions. For example, a technology coordinator inquired, "Do you have any specific data regarding the actual percentage of classrooms connected with broadband technology?" To answer this question, NetDay staff researched solutions and directed them to specific online information, including reports and other statistics on education technology practices.

Another improvement to is the addition of source codes for all the resources included on the site. These simple codes, such as "G" for government and "I" for industry, help users identify the type of organization responsible for the content of each link. The coding gives educators another method to screen and evaluate online content for authenticity, applicability, authorship, bias, and usability. is a free, comprehensive portal of education technology resources supported and managed by NetDay (, a national education technology nonprofit based in Irvine, CA. The site lists over 1,300 high-quality resources and includes interactive features such as "Rate a Resource" and "Recommend a Resource" which encourage educators to share knowledge and provide input for the benefit of the whole community.

NetDay's mission is to connect every child to a brighter future by helping educators meet educational goals through the effective use of technology. Founded five years ago, NetDay connects people by creating environments where the magic of learning for all participants - students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members - is enhanced with appropriate technology resources.