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August 18, 2000

TECH CORPS® and NetDay Connect California Students To The Internet With Wire Used At The Democratic National Convention

LOS ANGELES, CA -- As much as 50,000 feet of Internet wire used to power the Democratic National Convention will be donated by Direct AV, a local broadcast cabling company, to schools in southern California. The effort led by TECH CORPS and NetDay, two non-profit organizations, will help wire classrooms to the Internet in Los Angeles area schools.

"We need to take advantage of every opportunity and resource we have to wire classrooms and provide students with the technology they need to succeed in the New Economy," said Gary Beach, Group Publisher for CIO magazine, who initiated the wire donation idea. Beach also serves as a board member for NetDay and is the founder of TECH CORPS.

This donation is another significant step to wire every classroom to the Internet -- a challenge first issued by Vice President Gore back in 1994 during a speech in Los Angeles. Over the past 4 years, TECH CORPS and NetDay have embrace the challenge to deliver the benefits of technology to all students and have supported Gore's leadership on education technology issues. Furthermore, this donation underscores the importance of leveraging public-private partnerships to enhance and improve the quality of America's schools, a key operating principle for both TECH CORPS and NetDay.

Combining their individual strengths in utilizing volunteer expertise, TECH CORPS and NetDay will work together to ensure that the wire being donated from Direct AV is used effectively to enhance learning for students and teachers in southern California schools. By teaming-up with community volunteers, TECH CORPS and NetDay will provide school officials in the Los Angeles area with guidance and the technical support necessary to ensure the connections are used effectively. In addition, Direct AV will lend its experience to ease the supply and installation of the data cabling in the schools.

TECH CORPS (, a national nonprofit, provides K-12 educators with year-round access to a network of volunteers and resources that enhance and support the effective use of technology in their classrooms. TECH CORPS programs are provided free to schools and are implemented through state hubs that match local volunteer expertise with local school needs.

NetDay ( is a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of education for all students though effective applications of technology. Founded in 1996, NetDay has led the charge to bring technology into all schools through volunteer driven wiring events. In 2000, NetDay is concentrating on fostering meaningful connections between the worlds of education and technology.

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