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Netday Announces Speak Up Day For Students and Teachers 2005

Students and Teachers will be surveyed on the use of technology in U.S. schools

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 13, 2005 – NetDay, in partnership with BellSouth Corporation and Dell Inc. today announced its third annual Speak Up Event, a national study of technology in education.  Both students and teachers have been invited to contribute to a national understanding of technology use and technology needs in our nation's schools.  The focus of this year’s Speak Up Event is how technology is supporting the development of 21st century learning environments for today’s students, both in-school and out-of-school. 

Schools can register now to participate in the survey at  The survey will be open from October 21 - November 18, with a goal of collecting input from 250,000 K-12 students and teachers from all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and on American military bases worldwide.

NetDay has three goals for Speak Up 2005:

  • To collect national data about how students and teachers feel about using the Internet and technology in their professional and personal life.
  • To raise awareness about the importance of student and teacher voices as stakeholders in technology decisions.
  • To promote conversations at the local school level about the role of technology in learning with input from students and teachers.

NetDay, a national non-profit focused on education technology, is reaching out to schools across the country and providing information about Speak Up 2005. NetDay provides lesson plans and discussion facilitation tips at to help teachers and students prepare for their online entries.  

Participants will be asked about their experiences of using technology for learning, both as students and as teachers.   There are questions about the use of computers, the Internet, gaming, instant messaging, cell phones, MP3 players and more.  Since policymakers and national leaders frequently reference NetDay Speak Up data, this year’s questions provide an opportunity for students and teachers to address topics of global as well as local importance. 

  • How can our leaders use technology to deal with challenges, such as tsunamis, hurricanes, hunger, disease, war and terrorism, and make the world a better place?
  • Recognizing the importance of science, technology and innovation to students’ futures, what should schools do to make sure students have the knowledge and skills to be successful?

New in this year’s survey are questions about the use and effectiveness of online learning programs.  Teachers in particular will provide valuable information on their perception of the value of online classes for professional development, their experience in teaching online classes, and how online learning benefits students.  For the first time, the study will also include questions about science education and 21st century workforce skills.  

Over the last three years, the results of the Speak Up Day surveys have been shared with local, state and national education officials. The results have been integrated into educational planning at every level and used to make decisions as to how technology is deployed in schools.  Both the US Departments of Education and Commerce have used the Speak Up data in the development of recent reports on technology and education.

“The Speak Up online survey event continues to be instrumental in informing and shaping technology policy at every level,” said Julie Evans, CEO, NetDay.  “Over 388,000 students and teachers across the country have participated in Speak Up Days, recognizing the value of the results to the integration of technology in their local school districts. The Speak Up surveys provide a unique opportunity for students and teachers to share their authentic, unfiltered ideas about technology and education with both their local administrators as well as national policymakers.” 

“We’re proud to support NetDay’s efforts again this year,” said Mary Boehm, president, BellSouth Foundation.  “The Speak Up surveys provide great value because they’re customized to capture data around the most timely education technology issues.   We’re pleased that this year’s surveys include a focus on online learning - a growing movement that is quickly becoming an integral resource for students seeking choice and access to innovative, anytime, anywhere learning.” 

“Dell recognizes that teachers and students can provide valuable information that can drive technology initiatives, innovation and new product development,” said Scott Campbell, vice president of K12 sales, Dell Inc.  “We believe the additional study of 21st century skills and how leaders can use technology to respond to real-life challenges can provide new insights that will shape the future of education.”

Speak Up for Students and Teachers

In 2003, NetDay hosted its first Speak Up Day for Students, gathering input from hundreds of thousands of students nationwide.  The results showed today’s students are very technically savvy, approach their lives differently because of technology, use it more as they get older and enjoy greater access to computers and the Internet at home than at school.

In 2004, the program grew to include Speak Up Day for Teachers - a nationwide online survey which gave teachers in all grades and subjects the opportunity to share their voices and views about their personal and professional use of technology and the Internet.  More than 11,000 teachers from 1,885 schools in 50 states completed the online survey. 

The survey found teachers are using technology to enrich their lessons plans and to engage students in learning. Results also revealed that teachers are relying more and more on technology to meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind. 

About NetDay

NetDay's mission is to connect every child to a brighter future by helping educators meet educational goals through the effective use of technology.  NetDay (, the national 501.c.3 non-profit organization known for its successful school wiring programs, today manages community and web-based programs that promote enhanced student achievement through the effective use of technology.   Speak Up Day is NetDay’s latest initiative and focuses awareness on the importance of student and teacher voices in the national dialogue on education and technology.

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