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August 1, 2002

NetDay Launches Initiative To Track Trends in Ed Tech

Irvine, CA -- ( announced today the launch of NetDay Index, a new national index that will track trends in what school superintendents think about the value and impact of technology use in K - 12 education.

" NetDay Index will gauge how our nation's superintendents are responding to calls for technology investments in the classroom and the increased emphasis on accountability," said Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer of NetDay. "We want to find out what superintendents really think about technology's impact at the classroom and school level and how this relates to the growing demand for accountability. NetDay Index will provide answers to critical questions such as:

--Is technology changing and improving student learning with measurable outcomes?
--Are productivity gains being seen in the classroom and at the administration level?
--Is technology leading to better communication with parents and the community?"

As a first step in this initiative, NetDay is reaching out to school superintendents across the nation and encouraging them to register online at Each month participants will receive a short list of questions about the value of technology investments in school districts as they relate to educational results and the impact of the recent ESEA re-authorization, Leave No Child Behind. NetDay will then quantify and aggregate these survey results into the "NetDay Index" number, which will be reported monthly, quarterly and annually. In addition, these results will be supplemented with analysis of emerging trends.

NetDay Index will be valuable to technology decision-makers in K-12 schools, school districts and departments of education as a benchmark for what superintendents are thinking about technology in schools. Technology companies will also find value in NetDay Index as a key indicator of technology spending trends over time. "We hope that NetDay Index will become the preeminent tool that measures the impact of technology in America's K-12 classrooms," says Gary Beach, CIO Magazine Founder and NetDay Director, who first suggested the NetDay Index concept based on the success of CIO magazine's Tech Poll Survey.

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