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September 18, 2001

NetDay Web Site Updated To Highlight Programs And Support For Educators

Irvine, CA -- As the school year is gearing up, NetDay is launching into action with a revised web site ( designed to make it easier for educators to access information and resources on how to leverage technology for educational results. The new site features NetDay's programs - NetDay Community Initiatives,, and NetDay Leadership Campaign for Education Technology - which all provide support to educators and students in local communities and in schools across the country. In addition to ease of use, the new NetDay web site now features a search function and gives education technology advocates many ways to get involved in NetDay activities.

"We know that educators across the country believe technology and the Internet contribute to a high quality education, but they lack the time to fully benefit from these new tools. Superintendents and principals have told us that technology integration is one of their priorities," explained Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer for NetDay. "Our new web site will allow educators to find solutions to address their specific needs."

The redesigned web site features a prominent link to - the organization's innovative online initiative that provides educators with a directory of over 1,500 high quality education technology resources. allows users to quickly locate resources by searching in one of the five categories (technology planning, infrastructure, funding, classroom support, and real stories-best practices) or by conducting a "word search" for the desired resources. Questions about education technology can also be submitted via the NetDayCompass Research Desk to the NetDay research team, who will respond directly to the question with a personalized answer.

Another new feature on NetDay's homepage is information about the NetDay Leadership Campaign for Educational Technology, the organization's newest initiative. NetDay's 2001 survey, "The Internet, Technology and Teachers," revealed that teachers understand the value of the Internet, but face significant obstacles to using the Internet as an integrated education tool and resource. Some teachers surveyed suggested that although time is their largest obstacle, an underlining issue may be the lack of sophisticated school leadership on how to best support teachers' efforts when using technology. The NetDay Leadership Campaign will work to address these needs through national and state-level activities that will focus on creating, nurturing and promoting effective models of leadership for K-12 schools on education technology. Communities and state organizations can get involved in this initiative by sending an email to

The NetDay Community Initiatives program - formerly the NetDay Digital Divide Initiative - began with support from the U.S. Department of Education and is gathering "real time" best practices on technology integration in schools. Over the past two year, the project has grown from providing infrastructure and equipment support to schools to helping educators address today's technology challenges, such as technology planning, technology training for teachers or evaluating the impact technology is having on student achievement.

In the Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) project, NetDay Project Directors work on evaluating and documenting technology integration in two rural school districts, in Texas Rio Grande Valley in Mercedes, TX, and the Mississippi Delta in Rosedale, MS. NetDay is seeking to discover how technology can be used to impact student achievement, teacher productivity and community economic development through the TLT project. Documentation of NetDay's results and progress will be shared with the education technology community at large via the NetDay web sites ( and so other schools and communities can learn from the research and the case study.

The NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge program is a strategic partnership between NetDay and the Corporation for National Service. Through collaboration with selected schools, corporate partners and community organizations, the NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge members serve as program facilitators and teach constructive and educational technology-based programs both during school hours and through after school programs. NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge members receive training and professional development from NetDay on education technology and best practices for working with children and teachers in a classroom environment.

The new web site also features an updated "Join Us" section, where visitors will find information on how to participate in our Community Initiatives programs. NetDay today is focusing less on wiring events and is turning to partnering organization listed in this section to provide this support to schools. NetDay resources for wiring events can still be found in this section of the web site.

PointLine Interactive designed the new site. For suggestions or comments on the new NetDay website, please write to NetDay at

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