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June 16, 2000

NetDay Announces Partnership with TechNet to Develop New Web Resource
for Educators

Silicon Valley, CA -- Today, NetDay (, an education technology nonprofit, and TechNet (, a network of senior executives of the nation's leading technology companies, announced a partnership to develop the NetDay Compass, the first, comprehensive education technology web site for K-12 educators. This web-based, navigational service will be the first "one-stop shop" where educators and school administrators can access a centralized directory of resources to help them maximize technology investments.

Through this partnership, TechNet and NetDay will work to strengthen education initiatives to provide all American students with the tools and skills they need to participate in the New Economy. TechNet's support of the NetDay Compass restates the technology industry's commitment to education and reaffirms NetDay's long-standing legacy of connecting educators through technology.

"The technology industry is actively investing in education and today's announcement will be another marker in the sand, " said Roberta Katz, CEO for TechNet. "The NetDay Compass is a unique tool uniting the interrelated issues of education, technology, and workforce preparedness. The concrete guidance that will be available on this web site will give our schools the ability to maximize technology investments and integrate these new tools into the everyday learning process."

The NetDay Compass will be a directory of web-based resources reviewed and organized by education professionals and will include links to information about products and services. These annotated reviews will help guide educators and assist them on finding solutions to technology challenges. The NetDay Compass will draw upon information from industry, non-profit organizations, trade associations, government agencies, universities and laboratories on topics such as education tech hardware, software, and training.

"NetDay has a longstanding commitment to improving connections for educators through technology -- the NetDay Compass is an extension of this commitment," said Julie Evans, CEO of NetDay. "Using the resources on the NetDay Compass, K-12 educators, school administrators, parents, and community leaders will be able to find solutions and guidance on effective uses of technology that will have positive impacts on a child's education."

The NetDay Compass will be interactive and provide a forum where educators can exchange thoughts and ideas on various technology solutions. Information will be searchable by key word or subject, and include interactive community features, such as user reviews of products and services. NetDay plans to launch this free, web-based service in the fall.

"Teachers and administrators can benefit from tools that help them integrate technology resources into the curriculum. As the Nation's classrooms come online, resources like the NetDay Compass will help sustain the investment in technology," stated Linda Roberts, Director of Educational Technology for the Department of Education.

TechNet ( is a network of senior executives of the nation's leading companies. TechNet members include chief executive officers and senior partners of companies in the fields of information technology, biotechnology, venture capital, investment banking, and law. TechNet's mission is to engage policy makers and industry leaders in a dialogue about New Economy issues.

NetDay ( is a California-based non-profit organization that continues to help schools build and enhance connections as well as to guide them on the effective and appropriate use of technology resources to enhance and support K-12 education. NetDay's vision is to help educators "think beyond" the technical connections of computers and the Internet to educational results. On a daily basis, NetDay works to connect people by creating environments where the magic of learning for all participants, students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members is enhanced with appropriate use of technology resources.