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Educators' Speak Up How-to Guide

Benefits of Participation | How to Register | How to Encourage Participation | How to Take the Survey | How to Access Your Data


In order to ensure confidentiality, students and teachers participate in the online survey using a single school password.

  • When you register your school, you will become the School Contact.

  • As the School Contact, your name will be associated with the school's name for communications about the Speak Up event and for announcements about retrieving your data.

  • Our new registration system allows a district point-person to register all schools in a district with only a few clicks!

  • Download this two-page guide to tell your Superintendent about the Speak Up Event.

How to register your school or district.

  • Go to anytime during the survey period.

  • Follow the instructions to register your school(s).

  • You will receive the following
    • A confirmation of your registration
    • The secret word that you chose
    • A participation goal
    • An email with tips for recruiting students and teachers to participate. Remember, the higher the participation, the more representative your school’s data will be.
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