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How-To Guide
How to Be a Sponsor
To Offer to Sponsor a School's NetDay Kit

Select a school you wish to sponsor and contact the principal or the school's NetDay organizer to let them know you want to sponsor a kit.

When the school you've selected chooses a kit provider, the school's NetDay organizer will contact you by e-mail or telephone with details on ordering the kit. Please note: Providers will not deliver a kit to a school until they receive funds or a purchase order, or until a school has made other arrangements with a provider for kit funding and delivery.

For details on kits, see NetDay Kit Types and Providers.

Want to do more? Companies have found lots of ways to be NetDay partners and benefit their business at the same time. To find out how other companies and organizations are participating in NetDay, see our Investors and Partners

Many sponsors have provided NetDay kits for all the schools in a district or county. If you're interested in providing more than 25 NetDay kits, contact NetDay at 949-609-4660 or by email.