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NetDay Standard Kit Types and Providers

Below is a list of kit types, providers, and prices.

IMPORTANT: If you use more than one kit to wire your school, always use the SAME kit type! We recommend buying a matching wiring toolkit.

Some schools must use plenum, or fire-retardant, cable rather than PVC or riser cable. Check with your school or district facilities person for details on the best NetDay kit for your school. See NetDay Plenum Kit Types and Providers for plenum kit prices.

To see a list of kit contents, click on the kit type in the table. For information on how to reach a kit provider, click on the kit provider's name. To see a list of toolkit contents, click on the toolkit price. To order any kit, use the order form.

NetDay Standard Kits (PVC/Riser Cable)
Kit Type Provider Kit Price Toolkit Price
AMP ET Systems $322.00 $74.00
Leviton/Mohawk ET Systems $322.00 $74.00