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NetDay Speak Up School News

What are schools across the country doing on Speak Up Day? Here are a few of the exciting events we heard about. NetDay suggests that schools use Speak Up Day as a starting point to more effectively engage students in school technology planning.

Annandale High School Students Polled

At Annandale High School, Julie Healy programmed the poll part of the survey into Blackboard and plans to have students warm up by taking the poll. This will give her a snap shot of the students in her class: Information Technology in a Global Society. From there, they will have a discussion based on several of the survey questions as they relate specifically to Annandale High School. After discussions, the students will sign on to the Speak Up Day web site and take the survey as individuals.

More School Comments

“Our administration and students have risen to the occasion and have been very enthusiastic about participating in your technology survey. We are trying our best to give every student a chance to take the survey by taking our students by grade level to our computer lab to complete the online survey. So far, we have had over 250 students participate, and we are not through yet! We did have some connection problems this afternoon, but since you have had 67,000 students respond since the survey began, we can certainly understand why. We are encouraging students who were unable to participate during class to try to access the survey before and after school in our library or at home.”

Margaret Keller
Librarian/LMC Specialist

“ The discussion went wonderfully well today, and I personally gained some valuable information about my students from it!”

John Neil Graham

High Tech High Video Project

On Speak Up Day students at High Tech High (HTH) in Philadelphia will sit down in front of the camera to make their voices heard. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology in Education Consortium (MAR*TEC) and HTH students will produce a short video about Speak Up Day, what it means to be a digital-age teenager, and how students and teachers can REALLY benefit from using technology. Look for the video on NetDay and MAR*TEC's websites soon.

Freetown Elementary School Magazine Covers

As classes come into the Freetown Elementary School Computer lab this week, they are starting to think of how they use technology at school. Deane Saad, Education Technology Specialist, has asked them to come to class next week ready to share ideas. When they have discussed the ideas, they plan to go to the Time For Kids website and have each child make their own magazine cover, using the using technology theme!

Mt. Juliet High School Student Tech Committee

Diane Bennett, Technology Coach, plans to use the lesson plans and surveys to help her continue to work with the Mt. Juliet High School student technology committee. When the school founded the student tech committee in 2001, she posted a weekly reflection journal on her site about the impact technology was having at her school. The web site also has a form to use to create a student technology committee.

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