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Speak Up Reports

Speak Up 2006
  California Students, Teachers & Parents "Speak Up" About Career Technical Education
Speak Up 2005

Our Voices, Our Future: Student & Teacher Views on Science, Technology, & Education
National Report on NetDay's 2005 Speak Up Event

See also:
- 2005 National Highlights: Students and Teachers

- Speak Up Orange County! Student & Teacher Views on Science, Technology, & Education
  Report on NetDay's 2005 Speak Up Event in Orange County, CA

Speak Up 2004

Visions 2020.2: Student Views on Transforming Education and Training Through Advanced Technologies
Joint report with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Education

Student Views on Technology for Learning: Students Speak Up to the President
Companion to the Visions 2020.2 report – includes national highlights from Speak Up for Students 2004

Insights and Ideas of Teachers on Technology
National Report on NetDay Speak Up Day for Teachers 2004

See also:
- 2004 National Highlights: Teachers

- 2004 Summary Data: Teachers

- 2004 Summary Data: Comparative with Student Data 2003

Speak Up 2003

Voices and Views from Today's Tech-Savvy Students
National Report on NetDay Speak Up Day for Students 2003

See also:
- 2003 National Highlights: Students

- 2003 Summary Data: Students 2003

- Speak Up Briefing (Power Point)

- Students Respond to Speak Up Day

- NetDay Speak Up Day School News

Speak Up 2001
  The Internet, Technology and Teachers
Executive Summary on NetDay's Teacher Survey, 2001

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