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Educators' Speak Up How-to Guide

Benefits of Participation | How to Register | How to Encourage Participation | How to Take the Survey | How to Access Your Data

How to Prepare for the Survey
  1. Preview the surveys

  2. Use the Speak Up Lesson Plans
    to engage students before and after they take the survey. The lessons plans are helpful for introducing any new terminology and for sharing with them the purpose of the survey activity.

  3. Make sure students have your school’s secret word.

  4. Explain to students that their responses are completely confidential. Only aggregate data will be delivered to schools and districts. No names are collected at any time in the survey.
How to Take the Survey
  1. Students, teachers, and parents can access the survey from any Internet computer – at school, at home, or at a library or community center.

  2. Participants at your school will log on to complete surveys for your school.

  3. Students and teachers will use your school’s zip code and secret word to log on to the survey. Note: School Contacts must provide participants with the school secret words that were chosen during registration.

  4. Surveys should only take 15 minutes to complete.

  5. * If you are submitting a group survey for grades K-2, print out from the lesson plan and distribute a copy to each student. Then select a representative to tally the results for each question.  Or, complete the tally as a class discussion with students raising their hands to collect answers to each survey question.
You or a student representative then uses your school’s zip code and secret word to enter your group responses at
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