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Educators' Speak Up How-to Guide

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There is a real benefit for schools and districts with high Speak Up participation. Your data is more representative of your students, teachers, and schools. Here are some suggestions from tech leaders around the country on how you can encourage participation in the Speak Up event:

How to Encourage Participation

  • Post posters around the school with the Speak Up URL. Speak Up School Flier.

  • Post an announcement on your school and district website. Post our clickable banner on your website!

  • Send an email to all teachers and staff with instructions and the school passwords. Email teachers in your school or your district.

  • Put a shortcut to the Speak Up website on the desktops in your computer labs.

  • Send fliers home with students so they can participate from home.

  • Announce the Speak Up survey on your school's daily broadcast announcements.

  • Use the provided lessons to prepare students and to expand the learning event.

  • Post a link on Blackboard as an announcement.

  • Send a press release to your local paper about your school's participation in this national event.

  • Get parents involved – have your PTA host a contest for the class with the greatest participation numbers.

  • Pick a day and designate it as your school or town's Speak Up Day.
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