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NetDay and Project Tomorrow have merged!

We are very pleased to announce our merger is complete and we are excited about starting 2006 as a new organization.   NetDay and Project Tomorrow have long shared a vision and common understanding of the importance of providing excellence in education, and now we are combining our efforts to leverage the strengths of both organizations for increased effectiveness and impact, both locally in Southern California and nationally.  The new organization will operate using the Project Tomorrow name but you will still recognize NetDay programs under the NetDay brand as well.

We are excited about this merger for three reasons:

  • Enhanced Focus on 21st Century Learning: The merger creates the opportunity to leverage our proven track records promoting innovative science, math, and technology learning with an aim to prepare today's students to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens.  

  • Community Involvement – National Impact: Project Tomorrow's involvement in the diverse education community of Orange County offers a fertile incubation space to grow new programs that will benefit communities across the nation.  NetDay’s national advocacy efforts and focus on measurable outcomes provides an effective vehicle for the wide spread dissemination of promising practices and research from the community level work. 

  • Continued Success in Science, Technology and Mathematics: The merger combines two strong proponents of science and technology education, continuing successful programs in schools in Orange County and across the nation such as NetDay's Speak Up events, the Student Voices Resource Center and Project Tomorrow’s Science Docent Program.

In a nutshell, these collaborative efforts are aimed at one goal: to help communities across the country enhance learning opportunities for all students.  Thank you for your support and friendship. 

Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer
Amy Cohen, National Programs Director
Megan Hartman, Development Manager
Kathy Mathieu, Finance Manager
Laurie Smith, Orange County (CA) Programs Director
Irene Spero, Director, External Relations

NetDay Voice
When NetDay identifies a need or a common challenge in our communities, we conduct original research, surveys, and analysis to bring these issues to national attention. NetDay CEO Julie Evans and our project coordinators regularly speak at conferences and serve on advisory boards. features issue articles, resource links and guides.

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Julie Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 949-609-4660, Ext. 15

Cheryl Kiddo
Development Manager
Phone: 949-609-4660, Ext. 13

Kathy Mathieu
Director, Finance
Phone: 949-609-4660, Ext. 14

Laurie Smith
Director, Research & Evaluation
Phone: 949-609-4660, Ext. 17

Irene Spero
Director of External Affairs
6805 Newbold Drive
Bethesda, MD  20817
Phone: 301-529-2731
Fax:     301-365-3523

Kelli Stuart
Program Support Coordinator
Phone: 949-609-4660, Ext. 12