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Parents' Speak Up How-to Guide

Benefits of Participation | How to Register | How to Encourage Participation | How to Take the Survey | How to Access Your Data

How to Register Your School or District

In order to ensure confidentiality and data integrity, each school must register to participate in NetDay Speak Up and to retrieve their free online data.

  1. To find out if your school is registered, go to and look up your school.

  2. If your school is registered you are all set to take the survey.

  3. If your school is NOT registered, download this two-page letter and deliver it to a principal or any teacher at your school. The letter describes how your school can register to participate in Speak Up. Once someone at your school has registered the school, you are ready to take the survey.
Remember, the higher the participation, the more representative your school's data will be.
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