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Parents' Speak Up How-to Guide

Benefits of Participation | How to Register | How to Encourage Participation | How to Take the Survey | How to Access Your Data

How to Access Your Data

Start Planning Now - Plan now to make the most of your data

As a parent of participating Speak Up school, you will have access to school and district aggregated data. Past participants have used their data to inform technology decisions and purchases, to learn how to best provide instruction to today's tech-savvy students, to plan for teacher training, and to stimulate discussion about key technology issues in the community.

  • Choose several key questions on the survey that are hot topics in your school or district.

  • Schedule meetings with your parent-teacher organization to discuss specific results.

  • Invite school faculty and school board members to review your school's data.

  • Plan to share the data at school committee meetings, school board meetings, or city government meetings to discuss issues of concern to your children.
Accessing Your Data
  Aggregate data is available at no cost for schools and districts that register and participate in the events. When the data has been released, you will be able to log on to the NetDay website to access your school and district data. To access the data, your school must be registered and must provide you with the secret word they selected when they registered.

To find out if your school is registered and to see who your school contact is, go to and look up your school.

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