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Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay) would like you to know that the information and links on this page may be outdated.
Student How-To Guides
Do you have ideas about technology and your education? Do you want to be involved in technology-related decision-making at your school? Have you ever wondered where to begin? Who to talk to? How to propose a solution?

Click on the problems below to see a list of proposals from students like you. Read on to find step-by-step How-to Guides complete with research suggestions, presentation templates, and other helpful resources for sharing your voice with your school community.
I want to keep the school computer lab open after school and weekends.
I want to start a laptop lending program at my school.
I want to get new computers, software, video equipment, digital cameras, and other equipment for school use.
I want to plan a student showcase where students show teachers their ideas for uses of technology.
I want to set up a student technology advisory group for my school or district.
I want to know more about careers in technology.
I want to take technology courses that aren't offered at my school.
I want to find out about opportunities for girls in technology.
I want to talk about Internet filters with students and adults in my community.
I want talk about the problem of online bullying.
I want to take action and share my ideas about technology. (This is a general How-to Guide that will work with any of your ideas!)

Speak Up!
What other how-to guides would you like to see developed or used? What other things would you like to see changed at your school? Send an email to

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