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Air Force Volunteers Wire Mississippi Schools

NetDay VolunteersBen Arguilla has been involved with NetDay since 1998, working with both the Biloxi and Gulfport School Districts in Mississippi. Their most recent NetDay was on September 27, 2003. Students at the schools participated in NetDay’s Speak Up Day on October 29, 2003. Here is his story:

“ The majority of my volunteers are teachers and parents, and military members from Keesler Air Force Base (AFB). Keesler AFB happens to be one of the largest computer training sites in the Air Force, possibly the world. I use the word “largest” in the context of most students produced per year, not land area. With all the knowledge, experience, and skills we have, it only makes sense for our base to help out the local community.

NetDay Volunteers“James “Jim” Byrom, one of NetDay’s volunteer network engineers back in early 1998, trained me. He has moved on, and I have been left as the point of contact for the school systems. Recently, my team and I wired newly built classrooms for the Gulfport School District along with the Gulfport technology team. I still use the word “NetDay,” but technically we’re just a bunch of volunteers who are using whatever resources we can get our hands on to do the job. NetDay is one term I know that will motivate people to help out with the projects.

“ I am a very big advocate of using technology as a training tool and would like to continue to help my community. I have been proud of representing such a vision-oriented technology volunteer organization. I love to share my knowledge and skills with others, and just happen to be a member of the Air Force.”

NetDay Volunteers


Benjamin J. Arguilla
NetDay Volunteer and U.S. Air Force Information Manager

Keesler AFB NetDay Volunteers: Shane Sitzman, Mat Radaker, Pete Stamper, Dave Harris (and his son Cory), Robert Busby, Dan Oberly, Tim Cothern, Mike Manis, Lori Granger, Frank Koehler, Vivian Kinman, Sarah Smith, Quinton Fawbush, Denise Arndt, Rich Dessert, James Brand, Janice Ball, Victor Freeman, and Aida Ford.


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