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Parents' Speak Up How-to Guide

Benefits of Participation | How to Register | How to Encourage Participation | How to Take the Survey | How to Access Your Data

NetDay's goal is to make it as easy as possible for your schools to participate in the Speak Up survey. This How-to Guide offers tips and tools.

This fall, join parents all over North America in sharing your voices and views about your children's education. NetDay Speak Up is the first survey designed to help parents share your ideas directly with your schools. By completing the short survey, you're also contributing to the national dialog about important educational issues. Survey results will be available for school officials as well as parents and will also be shared with local, state, and national policy makers.

Benefits of Participation
  1. As key stakeholders, NetDay Speak Up provides parents with a mechanism for expressing their views to their school and district administrators about key issues impacting their children's education.

  2. Parents will also have access to the school's aggregate data and national comparisons.

  3. In addition, by participating in Speak Up, parents are expressing their views to a wider audience of local, state, and national policy makers as well as the business community -- and contributing to the national dialog about science, math, technology, and preparing students for the 21st century workforce.

  4. Research shows a positive connection between parent involvement and student achievement.

  5. As participants in the research project you will have free access to you school and district aggregated data.  Past participants have used their data to inform technology decisions and purchases, to learn how to best provide instruction to today's tech-savvy students, to plan for teacher training, and to stimulate discussion about key technology issues in their communities.
What can we learn from the data?
  • WHO are today's students?

  • HOW are your schools supporting the teaching and learning of 21st century skills?

  • WHERE are students and teachers accessing technology and learning technology skills?

  • HOW are teachers using technology for professional activities, both for teaching and for their own learning?

  • WHAT are students' ideas and concerns about technology use for their education?

  • WHAT are teacher's ideas and concerns about technology use and their professional goals?

  • WHAT are parent's ideas and concerns about technology use and their children's education?
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