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What is Found in a NetDay Kit?

In an effort to help all K-12 schools acquire the resources necessary to wire classrooms for Internet access, NetDay has developed the NetDay wiring kit. The wiring kit contains enough Category 5 cable and materials to wire from a central telecommunications point in the school to six adjacent classrooms.

The wiring kits are available as a standard NetDay kit with PVC or riser cable, or the NetDay plenum kit, which is the same Category 5 cable but with a fire-retardant covering. Check with your school, district facilities person, or technical volunteer for details on the best NetDay kit for your school. Be sure to consider standards that may already exist in your school, district or county.

NetDay also recommends that you purchase a matching wiring toolkit. The wiring toolkit is a tool that allows for the punchdown of the cable into the wall jacks to complete the connection. Many cable manufacturers offer a toolkit that is compatible with their cable and jacks.

NetDay has negotiated with vendors of these products to reduce the cost of the NetDay kit and the NetDay plenum kit to the lowest possible price, which makes it affordable for every K-12 school to begin the wiring process. Please note that all prices listed include shipping and applicable taxes.

All NetDay wiring kits contain the following items:

  • 1.2,000' of Category 5 cable (PVC or plenum)
  • 2.24 port Category 5 patch panel with mounting bracket
  • 3.12 Category 5 jacks
  • 4.12 surface mount boxes
  • 5.12 face plates with all corresponding materials

NOTE: If you use more than one NetDay wiring kit to wire your school, always use the same cable vendor.

If your school needs additional cable and materials,NetDay recommends that you contact the NetDay vendors and negotiate your own pricing on those items. Vendors also carry other networking equipment such as fiber, wireless, routers, hubs, etc. v Once you have the cable and materials, then what? Check out the NetDay Cable Installation Guide which steps you through the process of installing Category 5 cable with animated illustrations and examples. Also visit the Local Organizing section of the NetDay How-To Guide for help in planning a NetDay and for finding technical volunteers.

If you are a Category 5 provider and wish to be included as a NetDay kit vendor, please contact NetDay.