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How-To Guide
How to Order a NetDay Kit?

What to Do if You're a School, District, or County

  1. Check your school's page on the NetDay site regularly to find out whether a company or individual has sponsored your NetDay kit.

  2. Once you have a sponsor for your NetDay kit, choose a NetDay kit or a NetDay plenum kit. (Some schools are required to use plenum - fire-retardant - cable rather than PVC or riser cable. Please check with your school or district facilities person for details on the best NetDay kit for your school, and be sure to consider standards that may already exist in your school, district, and county.)

  3. When you have selected a NetDay kit:

    Contact your sponsor by e-mail or telephone, let them know of your selection, and encourage them to remit a check, money order, or purchase order to the kit provider immediately, specifying the school's name and address.


    Complete the NetDay kit order form and fax it to the kit provider. Click below for the order form:

    NetDay Kit Order Form

  4. The kit provider will deliver your NetDay kit to your school location upon receipt of payment.

Not sure what to do with the kit once you've got it? Our Cable Installation Guide, steps you through the process of installing Category 5 cable with animated illustrations and examples. Also see the Local Organizing section of the NetDay How-To Guide for help in finding technical volunteers and planning for NetDay.