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Student Success Stories

Students Speak Up!

This is your chance to share your ideas about your education with your school and the nation! NetDay is hosting its fourth annual Speak Up event where students from around the country take an online survey and share their ideas and opinions about science, math, technology, and 21st century skills. Because your school administrators will have access to your anonymous data, this is a great opportunity for students at your school to speak up.


ANYTIME November 1-30, 2006


Online at


  1. Get your school to register for the Speak Up event. An adult at your school needs to register your school for participation. Print out the text from the link below or email it to a teacher, principal, technology coordinator, or other staff member at your school.

    Email an adult in your school

  2. Once your school is registered, be a Student Voices ambassador and encourage students at your school to take the survey. See the link below for ideas for promoting the Speak Up event at your school. 

    How to Encourage Participation


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