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11/08/01 - NetDayCompass.Org Celebrates Year One
10/30/01 - NetDay AmeriCorps Members Promote Public Health Safety on Make a Difference Day
10/29/01 - NetDay AmeriCorps Members Join 250 Community Activists to Beautify, Clean and Improve San Francisco Communities
09/18/01 - NetDay Web Site Updated To Highlight Programs And Support For Educators
09/14/01 - NetDay Offers Online Crisis Support To Educators, Parents
09/10/01 - NetDay Helps Students With Disabilities Connect Through Technology
08/22/01 - NetDay and PowerUP Join Forces to Support Schools in Empowerment Zone Communities
07/27/01 - NASDAQ Vice Chairman Al Berkeley Joins NetDay Board Of Directors
07/16/01 - NetDay Receives Americorps National Grant Hires New Director for NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge Program
06/25/01 - New Research Desk On NetDaycompass.Org Guides Educators On Technology
04/5/01 - NetDay Honors Heroes For Leadership At Fifth Anniversary Celebration
03/29/01 - 84% of Teachers Say Internet Improves Quality of Education
11/30/00 - The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Donate 300 Computers to NetDay's Digital Divide Initiative in Texas
11/14/00 - Yahoo! Launches Spanish-language Internet Education Program
10/26/00 - NetDay Introduces a New Web Site for Ed Tech Decision-Makers
08/29/00 - NetDay's Digital Divide Project is heralded by Secretary of Education Riley on his Success Express Bus Tour
08/18/00 - TECH CORPS® and NetDay Connect California Students To The Internet With Wire Used At The Democratic National Convention
06/16/00 - NetDay Announces Partnership with TechNet to Develop New Web Resource for Educators
03/23/00 - NetDay Announces New Mission To Meet Evolving Technology Needs
Headlines Featuring NetDay -- Archives
Students in West Bolivar Acquire Taste for the Future
- October 8, 2001
Net Day In The Delta: An Opportunity To Succeed
- Converge Magazine, September 2001
Majority of Teachers Say Internet Improves Quality of Education
- Converge Magazine, July 2001
Education Research Site Adds Research Desk
-, 07/03/01
Teachers Aren't Using Internet, Study Finds
- Electronic School E-Wire, June 2001
New Tools for the Schools
-, 06/28/01
Teachers Complain of Little Time to Use Internet
- Education Week, April 25, 2001
84% of Teachers Say Internet Improves Quality of Education....
- The Heller Report, 4/6/01
Teachers Like the Internet -- If They Use It
-, 4/6/01
Teachers Say Internet Improves Quality of Education
- Cyber Atlas, 4/5/01
Group Aims to Fine Tune Wired Schools
- New York Times CyberTimes, 4/4/01
Are Teachers Using the Net?
-, 4/2/01
What Web? Teachers Seldom on Internet, Survey Finds
- CNN, 3/30/01
Teachers Like Internet, Wish It Were Better Used in Schools
- Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/30/01
Net School Web Sites Offer Advice on Technology,
Tech Donation at NetDay's NDDI Site in Mississippi
- The Bolivar Commercial,
Yahoo! Launches Spanish-language Internet Education Program
- Yahoo!, 11/14/00
One-Stop Web Shops for Educators Build Coherence out of Confusion
- Education Week, 11/12/00
Compass Guides Education Purchases
-, 11/10/00